Choosing the Best Cheap Stock Photos for your Projects

Dslr camera shootingTruth is, people are more likely to search for free photos over the Internet than pay for a little amount in cheap stock photo sites. While it can save you hundreds of dollars, it can put you at risk for copyright violations which can cost you thousands. There are various sources of cheap stock images and they offer creative files at the lowest possible prices. Then, you do not have to worry about copyright issues and get on with choosing the best for your projects.

When choosing the best cheap stock images for your projects, there are a number of things you should consider. Should you choose abstract over specific? What is the best color profile or which orientation suits best? Every time you pick a photo, ask yourself how to identify the right one for your creative needs. Here are some tips on making the best choice when it comes to stock photo cheap.

  • Know where you will use your photos. There are over millions of places where cheap photos could appear. Getting a license allows you to use the images anywhere you want and for as long as it takes. For instance, you need stock photos for online content. You need to consider the full width image in the header and the background image as part of a graphic. Other things you should consider are social media featured images, full width images inside blogs, and slidedeck backgrounds.
  • Understand the contrast of your image. If you are planning to add text or graphics to the stock photo cheap, you need to identify areas with low contrast. The ideal photos for these projects have an even, consistent backdrop. Areas of low contrast allow graphics and text to have high contrast with the photo. To look at a contrast, picture the color wheel and select colors opposite the other
  • Choose colors that stimulate an intuitive response. Intuitive reactions are what you are trying to achieve with visual content. You can do these with attention grabbing cheap stock images. According to a study from Georgia Tech, Pinterest images with red, purple and pink colors promote sharing.
  • Choose a stock photo cheap that supports your images. Attention-grabbing images are great as long as they don’t distract your readers from your main message. In most cases, people use images that are abstract or generic enough not to divert too much focus on them. Simply choose a photo that is not controversial, loud, recognizable, and too specific. It should not be a theme as well.

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What are your favorite tips of finding the right cheap stock images? Keep in mind that these tips will help you choose the best stock images for your project.