Fotolia Promo Codes: They Work for Existing Customers

fotolia-stock-photosFotolia is one of the largest and most affordable stock photo agencies online. Just about every marketing executive and creative professional is familiar with the value stock photos can bring to their business. However, even stock photo agencies are left with the conundrum of competing with each other. As a marketing professional, I have a myriad of choices online of where I might get my next stock photo from. If I’ve made a big purchase with one agency, I might limit myself to their offerings. However, when my subscription comes to an end, I would certainly look at the offerings of various competitors.

Fotolia seems to have answered this conundrum with flying colors. For new customers, they offer three credits free. This translates to three free image downloads or one higher resolution, royalty-free image download. What better way to try any new service than to try them for free? That would certainly entice me to try them. Offering free products and services is one of the secrets successful marketers use every day. But as a fellow marketer, you already knew that, didn’t you?


The offer doesn’t end there. After you try out their image service for free, your first purchase from Fotolia will receive a 20% discount. Depending on the size of your package purchase, that can translate to significant savings.

At this point, it would appear that this offer is only valid for new customers. What if you already have a Fotolia account? Don’t worry, they didn’t forget about you either. For existing customers, there really isn’t a need to offer free credits because you already enjoy the service. However, Fotolia is still offering the full 20% savings on your next purchase. This proves that Fotolia cares about their existing customers and will take care of them just as much as they care about acquiring new ones.


So how do you take advantage of these offers? Stock Photo Secrets has a partnership and relationship with Fotolia and has procured these exclusive offers for the benefit of their readers. Fotolia gave Stock Photo Secrets a special landing page for this purpose. You’ll see the offer at the top, where you click on a link to redeem the offer. This allows you to go through the steps of creating a new account. Fotolia will text your phone a promo code. Enter that code on your new account and you will save 20% on your first purchase along with your three free credits.

If you are an existing customer at Fotolia, continue to the same page. After you click on the link to redeem the offer, you will see a link that prompts you to sign in towards the bottom of the page. If you sign in using that particular link, the next time you purchase more credits, you’ll see the 20% rebate tied to your account.

That’s it! You’ve just saved 20% on your next purchase! Enjoy your credits!