What to Look for in a Dollar Photo Club Alternative

dpc dollar photo club logoThe Dollar Photo Club has already announced its closing date. It will terminate all services in April 15, 2016 which makes its avid users orphans of the creative industry. Luckily, a lot of stock photo agencies are more than willing to adopt these poor users and eventually make them part of the family. If you are one of the current members of the DPC, you need to know what features and benefits to look for your next stock photo parent.

What features and benefits does a good Dollar Photo Club alternative possess? The stock photo industry is filled with stock sites that offer various kinds of products and services. To make the transition better, you need a subscription plan that offers somewhat the same kind of product. You already know that DPC is a good stock site, right? So, you need an equally good substitute if not better.

  • Long term. Due to the unexpected closing of the website, it can be a little traumatic for you. Although the stock site has informed you earlier of its near closure, nothing prepares you for the day you will have to look for another primary image source. Thus, you need a Dollar Photo Club alternative that will stay for a long time – maybe ten years or more.
  • Unlimited downloads. The best thing about the DPC is you can download as many images you needs with no limit. You just have to pay a dollar for additional downloads. Your next image bank should possess the same feature. It should offer the same product for fairly the same price. If you can find one that gives a better offer, set up an account immediately.
  • Downloads that do not expire. You do not want to worry about using up all your image downloads just because they are expiring already. You need a DPC alternative that allows you to use the images forever.
  • Better price per image ratio. The Dollar Photo Club allows you to purchase stock images for only one dollar. This means that you can enjoy 100 downloads for every $100. Now that the stock site is closing, you need a better price per image ration. A subscription that offers twice the download sounds perfect.
  • High resolution. Another good feature you should look for in your next image source is the ability to offer high resolution images. It should offer images from small to XXL so you can choose whichever fits your creative needs. Higher resolution is often required for print materials with 300 dots per inch.

We know a website that offers all of the above. 99 Club is a stock image site by Stock Photo Secrets. For a straightforward $99, you can download 200 images. The membership is for limited customers only so be sure to set up an account now!