What You Need to Know about Shutterstock Free Editor

Shutterstock makes an additional perk in the form of a free editor. The free editor is actually still in beta, but overall it has garnered remarkable reviews from users all around the world. The Shutterstock free editor provides users of the stock site with fast and simple way to edit photos. It even includes presets to make your work easier for you! Here are some things you need to know about the stock site’s very own photo-editor.

  • File format. What format will your edited image be available? This is probably the number question you will ask after using the Shutterstock editor. Well, you have options. You can download the edited version alone as a JPG file or a single ZIP file, which contains the original and edited version.
  • Custom dimensions. The editor also allows you to create custom dimension, which you can save as presets. You can resize or crop images to fit your creative needs. To access the presets, log in to your account and use the saved presets. You can also edit or delete your custom presets anytime you want.
  • Content type. What type of content can you use with the Shutterstock free editor? Currently, the editor can only be used to edit photos and illustrations. It does not support vectors at the present, but they are working on it. You will know that the content is eligible when you see a “customize” option listed in the image. Just click the option and choose “edit & download” to run the editor.
  • Customize cropped images. The editor allows you to zoom in and adjust placement of the image after cropping the image. This means you can crop the image to the exact final product you need to complete your creative projects. Sign up with Shutterstock now and start exploring the free editor. shutterstock-design-and-tips
  • Features to be developed. Since the Shutterstock editor is currently in beta phase, it still has a lot of features that needs to be developed. At this time, you cannot download watermarked images through the Editor. You also cannot edit vectors. You cannot save projects for editing later as well. The stock photo agency is still working on these features to give its users the perfect editor.


The editor is currently on beta phase, which means it is nearing its final stages of development. Nevertheless, you can already use it when you set up a free account with Shutterstock. You can edit the same image how many times you like and re-download them continually. The editor works with images with a Standard license at the present and can be opened with most popular browsers. It is available in English and has a full “Undo” and “Redo” functionality.