Photocase Photography: Strengthening the Creative Community’s Ties

photocase logoPhotocase is not just about providing users with stock images for their projects. It also serves as a bridge for users to interact with other members of the website. Why should you be a part of this community? Being a member of the Photocase community allows you to learn and share your knowledge and experiences with other users. It also allows you to know about other users and gain friends.

Photocase Forum


Photocase features a forum, where users can come together and chat about anything under the sun. After the Frequently Asked Questions page, it is the best place to find troubleshooting tips as it is overflowing with users who have already found a solution to a problem. The website’s competent support staffs troll the forums to answer questions about the site. If your photo is not approved, you can visit the My Rejected Photos forum where photo editors and other users can give you possible reasons.

Facebook Fan page


The website also has a Facebook fan page with up-to-date posts. Follow Photocase on Facebook to receive updates on discount codes, featured photographers, blogs, tips and many more, check it out.


Don’t want to miss comments from your Photocase buddies and other users? You can keep track of your photos and forum now with notifications. The website sends notifications every time someone comments on your photos and forums. You can even choose to see only the latest comments. You can also edit and delete them.

In order to have a wonderful experience in the forums and to further strengthen your bond with other users, you need to follow some guidelines.

  • Be Polite. You will meet different people from different countries with different values in the forum. It is important that you respect their attitudes and opinions. Because your cultures may be different from theirs, stay polite and tolerant to have a pleasant interaction with them.
  • Respect copyright. Publish your photos and only your photos. Consider the rights of other artists and do not misrepresent the work of others as your own.
  • Have fun! It means what it means. Not all stock photo agencies allow you to interact with other people, share ideas and make friends. Take this opportunity to have fun with other users. To make the most of your experience, go back to the first guideline.

When you choose a stock photo agency, what grounds are you using? Do you want to carelessly browse through archives, pick an image you want and download it? If you are looking for more than just that, Photocase photography is your best option. With a strong community of users, you will surely enjoy your experience. Register to Photocase to interact and use a Photocase coupon to get discounts. Communicate and save now!